Sunday, April 8, 2018

Celebrating 30 Days of Pisces 2018 - Wrap Up Post

Hello everyone! :o)

Today I'm bringing you a Wrap-up post of my Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2018 personal challenge, as I finally shared all cards I made during the challenge here on my blog. :o)

Celebrating 30 days of Pisces is my annual personal challenge which takes time in Pisces period. Goal of the challenge is to improve my skills and myself.

This year was the fourth time I took the challenge. It started on February 18th at 6:18 PM and ended on March 20th at 5:15 PM. (CET, UTC +1Dubrovnik, Croatia).

I love rainbow colors, but don't use them so often on my projects. My challenge this year was to make 20 (or more) cards featuring rainbow colors in Pisces periodGoals of the challenge were to improve my cardmaking skills and to use more rainbow colors on my cards.

I managed to create 19 cards. :o)

I was working on 20th card, going totally out of my comfort zone. Although I think is very good to go out of comfort zone, it's better to give up if you don't like it. So I did with my card. :o)

Among all cards I made, 6 cards were CASEs. I CASEd gorgeous cards from artists whom work I admire and my own cards. I did planned to CASE before I started the challenge, but not more than half of all cards I create.

I'm very satisfied with the challenge and the result. Although I didn't reach number 20 as I planned, I'm not disappointed at all, neither I find this failure. I practiced, incorporated rainbow colors in my projects in various ways, created 19 cards that I like a lot and had a lot of fun. :o)

Thank you all for kind feedback and encouragement during the challenge. 

All details about the challenge, links to all blog posts related to the challenge and a photo gallery will be shared on my Celebrating 30 days of Pisces 2018 page. :o)

I mentioned in the past here on my blog that I love previews, so I'm bringing today also a preview of all cards I made during the challenge. :o)

But before you continue to scroll down, here is a suitable song for previewing. :o) Enjoy!! :o)

Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow
(from movie "The Wizard of Oz")

Rainbow Color Cards (RCC) Series

After this personal challenge, I feel very encouraged to use Rainbow Colors more often on my cards. Since the challenge ended I created couple Rainbow Colored themed projects (I shared already one, here) and currently working on two more. So, more Rainbow projects on my blog soon. :o)

Thank you for visiting and your kind feedback. Enjoy and smile! :o)



  1. Lovely song from the vintage film, Milka :)
    Fabulous seeing all your rainbow cards together! :D Your colour choice really makes the difference. Waiting for the new two! ;)

  2. Čudovite, vse po vrsti. Všeč mi je, da ne kompliciraš in uporabiš večkrat iste motive (tu bi morala sama iz "comfort zone" in preklopit iz kompliciranja v preprostost ;) Super izziv in verjamem, da bodo nastale še kakšne lepotičke.


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